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Children Eye Exam

Unlike everything else they grow out of, kids don’t outgrow seeing the eye doctor. Every one year is a good schedule, or every 6 months if they’re wearing prescription glasses. 


Our children friendly eye exam is quick for your child, and enlightening for you. Vision problems can occur at any age without you or your child noticing.


Early detection and effective treatment will help them learn, play, and thrive with the best possible view of the world.



Eye problems in children can be easily prevented if caught early on. Schedule an eye exam for your child if he or she shows signs of any of the following vision problems in children:

• Sitting too close to the TV.

• Squinting, rubbing eyes, or tilting head.

• Short attention span for the child's age.

• Sensitivity to light.

• Difficulty with eye-hand-body coordination when playing with a ball.

• Avoiding coloring, puzzles, or other visual activities.

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