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Village Creek Optometry | Dr. Yasamin Al Hashimi  | Optometrist

Mission Statement

Village Creek Optometry is designed with you in mind. We believe your eyes are precious and deserve quality attention; eye examinations should never be rushed. We want you to feel welcomed and comfortable at every step. We have simplified the appointment booking process with evening and weekend appointments, furthermore, you can now book online, via email, over the phone or in person.


We want you to feel at home with a comfortable waiting area and a kid zone so your kids can be kids. Our focus is on preserving your eye sight, with thorough eye examinations with the most up to date digital imaging and technologies. Many eye conditions have no obvious signs or symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are essential for maintaining clear and comfortable vision. Throughout the examination, we will strive to educate and explain all testing performed. 


Finally, when you walk into our optical you will be treated with the same care. We believe that the quality of vision is determined by the quality and technology that is put into your eyeglasses. We will strive to use the highest quality lenses that offer the most competitive pricing. And provide you ample options for your frames. Our goal is for you to walk out with a clearer understanding of your eye health and vision. 

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