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2 Myths About Eyes And Vision

Does the thought of getting an eye examination or visiting a optometrist freak you out because you heard stories that visiting an optometrist or even an optician means bad news? And now there is this taught in your head that said that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and that you are going to get blind?! Take a deep breath. Look around more clearly, and you could see that there are all built on lies and nothing more than a well told fiction! This could be bad and so right now it is time for you to know some truths about eyes and visions.

So here are 2 myths that may sound logical and sensible to a lot of people:

1. Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the sun. Do not buy into this myth. You definitely would have heard about the UV (Ultra Violet) rays emanating from the sun, right? Sunglasses are not your best option to protect against these rays. Do not get me wrong, sunglasses are way better than having nothing on, but most people think it the best option they have. This is a false assumption and nothing more than a myth—in the true sense of the word. All what it does is to cut down the glare of the sun.

So what is the best option? Wait for it…it is UV blocking agents. They are what would help in blocking those inevitable harmful rays from the sun. You could learn more about this from an optometrist especially if you are noticing some minor anomalies that you could live comfortably with and think it is negligible.

An optometrist would prescribe UV blocking agents with clear prescription lenses to efficiently deal with the situation.

2. You do not need a vision exam as long as you think you could see well. This could lead to serious health complication that involves one of the most sensitive parts of the human body: the eyes. This would be a huge mistake, obviously. This assumption is false and clearly a myth.

You should know that there is a lot more than just checking and giving prescriptions: in eyes examination. You should know that this is immensely important. Remember: if your eyes are severely damage and you go blind, it could NEVER be replaced! So, you might want to watch how you think about this organ of your body.

More so, in comprehensive vision exam, the overall health of your eyes are checked properly. If there is a sign of other health conditions that you may not have noticed yet, it would be uncovered and treated. Not to add other proactive measures that would be taking to address and prevent any anomalies that would occur in the future.

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