Benefits Of Visiting The Optometry Clinic

Just because you have an excellent vision does not mean you have to skip visiting the Optometry Clinic to get your eyes checked out by a doctor. Visiting an the Optometry Clinic annually to check your eyes isn't just about going to check your vision; it is about your health in general. As weird as that sounds, your eyes aren't only your windows to this world, they are always the windows into the body. Which is why it is essential to always in with your optometrist every year. Here are the benefits of doing this: The Eye Specialist Can Detect Any Sign of a Serious Disease By Examining The Back of Your Eye A sign or symptom of diabetes and high blood pressure can be indicated when the eyes are

The Mystery of OHIP

Eye care coverage is available to many residents in Ontario through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). We will go over the key points so you can get a better understanding of your benefits. Children’s Eye Coverage: All children from birth until the age of 19 are covered for a complete comprehensive eye exam every year. Coverage also includes any essential follow up examinations for urgent eye care procedures such as pink eye or a scratch. Parents often ask what should I look for, sometimes its hard to detect vision problems in kids just because they are so adaptable and just don’t know any better. So, bring them in annually for their complete eye exam! Senior Eye Coverage: All adults

Digital Eye Exam

Everything and everyone is becoming more digital. This has affected all aspects of the healthcare industry including your eye exam. Eye exams will be customized depending on your age group, medical and family history, and any specific issues or concerns. One of the most prominent changes you will see due to the digital boom is in medical record keeping. Doctors are realizing that utilizing electronic health records provide a necessary clarity of communication between patients and doctors. The results are more efficient recordkeeping that are, more importantly, more legible. With the digital eye exam, your records are always available to you no matter where you will end up. Even if you end up

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