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Digital Eye Exam

Everything and everyone is becoming more digital. This has affected all aspects of the healthcare industry including your eye exam. Eye exams will be customized depending on your age group, medical and family history, and any specific issues or concerns.

One of the most prominent changes you will see due to the digital boom is in medical record keeping. Doctors are realizing that utilizing electronic health records provide a necessary clarity of communication between patients and doctors. The results are more efficient recordkeeping that are, more importantly, more legible. With the digital eye exam, your records are always available to you no matter where you will end up. Even if you end up needing emergency glasses in Italy after yours fall off in an air balloon ride, your records will be there in the moment it takes to send an email.

Another advantage to the digital eye exam, is digital pre-testing including auto refraction (refractive error estimate), lens reading, and the dreaded eye pressure testing. In our clinic, we strive to stay current with technology and have moved away from the eye puff to the iCare tonometer. This is used on children in hospitals, if they can sit through this so can you!

Lastly, our digital eye exam will include digital retinal imaging. Digital Retinal Imaging is a high resolution photographic system that takes images of the retinal tissue inside of the eye. Annual retinal health monitoring is critical to detecting early disease, maintaining clear vision, and overall eye health. Digital retinal imaging acts a baseline for your eye health and will serve as a permanent and historical record of changes in your eye. Images will be compared side by side at your eye exams, to monitor for subtle changes.

Additionally, we will monitor your ocular health using optical coherence tomography (OCT), this like an MRI your eye. It is able to image deeper into the structures of the eye. The use of these two imaging technologies will aid in the early detection of age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and many more conditions. Through photography but also through specific measurements inside of the eye with the OCT, the digital eye exam will aide in the preservation of your vision.

Come in for a digital eye exam centered on maintaining your sight and the clearest vision possible.

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